5 Best Free SEO tools to Drive Traffic Fast

5 Best Free SEO Tools to Drive Traffic Fast

Search engine optimization is an important part of website promotion. You can easily double your traffic by using the SEO tools we have mentioned in this article. These SEO tools will help you to audit the performance of your website. They will provide you tips to make necessary changes.

Check out the list of the 5 best website SEO audit tools in 2021.

1- SEMrush

SEMrush SEO analysis


SEMrush is one of the best site audit tools. This tool provides the complete website audit reports, Competition analysis, Keyword research, and more. This tool is perfect for internet marketing experts, SEO companies, entrepreneurs, and giant organizations.

The research & analysis data of this tool is more reliable. They will provide one-click comprehensive audit reports for all pages to the website. The prime feature in this tool are as follows:

  • Keyword research
  • Content analysis
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO (backlinks reports)
  • Market research
  • Local SEO
  • Competitive research
  • Social Media audit
  • Keywords rankings analysis

The keyword rankings report is more accurate. This tool provides you updated website rankings reports. Also, you will easily get top competitor’s websites audit reports, Backlinks analysis, Disavow your site for bad links, perform content audit, and more.

This is the paid website checker tool & it comes with 7 days free trial offer. Check out all Plans of Pricing.

PRO Plan

Price $119.95 a Month (Save 17% for one year’s subscription)


Price $229.95 a Month (Save 17% for a one-year subscription)


Price $374.95 a Month (Save 17% for one year’s subscription)

Get Semrush 7 days free trial now


2- Google Search Console

Google Search Console


It is one of the most useful free SEO tool that you can find on the Internet. The Search Console helps you to view your overall website performance and also give you performance improvement suggestions.

If you want to save your website from Google algorithm updates, this is the highly recommended tool. You can monitor your website performance, warning, errors, valid pages, crawled and index pages. Some of the best feature of this SEO tool that we personally use:

  • Dashboard traffic report overview
  • URL checker
  • Performance analysis
  • Coverage report
  • Sitemap performance report
  • Removals (Backlinks)
  • Page experience report
  • Core Web Vital
  • Mobile visibility
  • Breadcrumb
  • Sitelinks search box
  • Links (External & Internal)


You can submit your sitemap to Google by using Search Console.

Request to crawl and index new pages (this function no longer works).

Monitor and fix performance and mobile usability issues.

Find out bad quality backlinks and use disavow tool to get rid of them.

If your website is hit by the latest Google Core Web Vital new update,  Search Console will be really helpful. Analyze your Web Vital performance and fix those issues to get back your ranking.

You can track your keywords ranking on Search Console Insight. You can easily track each keyword’s impression, clicks, and ranking positions.

3- LongTailPro



LongTailPro is the best keyword research & Analysis tool. This is one of the most popular keyword suggestion tools. You will find out niche relevant, less compettive, and more frquently searched keywords.

This tool provides you a set of longtail & short tail keywords suggestions. digital marketing agencies, affiliate marketers, and online marketing professionals like to use this tool.

Here are some of the key features of this tool:

  • Keywords suggestions
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • domain tracking
  • Complete suite of templates to scale your SEO.

The LongtailPro is the paid keyword research & analysis tool. See the Longtail Pro pricing.

Starter Plan

Starter plan price $37 a Month (Annual starter plan charges monthly $25)

Pro Plan

Pro Plan price $67 a Month (Annual plan charges monthly $45)

Agency Plan:

Agency plan price &147 a Month (Annual plan charges monthly $98)

7 days free trial for Starter & Pro Plan.


4- Ahrefs

Ahref Site analysis


Ahrefs is an online tool quite similar to the SEMrush. They are in fact a very close competitors. They offer 7 days free trial for $7. They will provide the complete site analysis, research, and keywords analysis. This is the most powerful website analysis tool.

Many small and large businesses websites & SEO agencies prefer to using this tool. This is a paid tool, Price of this tool is higher.

One drawback for some people might be Ahrefs don’t offer any free trial. However, by spending $7 you can get full access to the tool for 7 days. This is plenty of a time to test all it’s features and how you can use them to enhance your SEO.

Here are some of the top features and pricing plans:

  • Keyword Explorer
  • Rank Tracker
  • Content Explorer
  • Backlinks analysis
  • Alerts
  • Site Audit

Monthly pricing plan


Lite plan price $99 a Month


Standard plan price $179 a Month


Advanced plan price $399 a Month


Agency plan price $999 a Month

7 Day free trial for $7


5- Google analytics

Google analytics


This is a highly recommended free website analysis SEO tool. Google Analytics generate a detailed website traffic report which can be helpful to track your SEO progress.

This tool is perfect for any small to large scale business. It is one of the widely used traffic analysis tool on the Internet.

It can be useful for any business, individual, or a marketing agency. There are plenty of features that can help webmasters to track user activity on any website or web application.

You can analyze your website conversion, set goals, view rankings of keywords & URL’s. Read our article on how to install Google analytics to your website

Here are some of the basic features of Google Analytics:

  • Dashboard Overview
  • Customization (data studio report)
  • Realtime report
  • Audience overview
  • Acquisition overview report
  • User Behaviour report
  • Conversion tracking
  • Attribution

You can also verify your Google search console account with Google analytics. You can view your search console analysis data on your Google Analytics sidebar.

The performance of all the SEO tools we mentioned in this article is quite reliable. All the tools will give you accurate site SEO audit reports. WPOrion highly recommended SEMrush and Google Search Console. If you like this article then also check out best SEO tools and plugins for WordPress.



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