Best WordPress Slider Plugins to Create Stunning Slideshows

Best WordPress Slider Plugins to Create Stunning Slideshows

There are many amazing WordPress slider plugins you can find in the WordPress plugins directory. You might be confused which one should you use on your website? I have selected a list of the best WordPress slider plugins that will help you create amazing slideshows in no time.

In this post, I have split paid and free slider plugins. A premium slider plugin gives you more features and freedom to create slideshows faster. On the other hand, free slider plugins might give you fewer features. However, they all are best slider plugins and you can install any of them to create a beautiful slideshow.

Best Free WordPress Slider Plugins in 2019

1. MetaSlider

MetaSlider WordPress plugin

MetaSlider is the most installed slider plugin in the WordPress plugins directory. It is easy to use for beginners because of the simple interface.

Simply select images from your Media Library, drag and drop them into place, and set the slide captions, add links and fill out SEO fields all from one page.

Once you are finished making the slider, simply copy the shortcode and paste it to any page.

It has multiple slideshow types that you can choose from and use multiple transition effects.

You can download this plugin for free from the WordPress plugins directory. But to get all the features and customer support you might consider buying the premium plan. The premium plan starts at $39 with 1-year updates and premium support.

2. Master Slider – Responsive Touch Slider

Master Slider WordPress plugin

It is similar to MetaSlider and has a simplistic interface. You just need to select your slider type and start adding images to your slider.

You can use real-time preview to see slider animations. Also, you can use drag and drop feature to change the order of slides in a slideshow.

There are tons of features that make this slider plugin just amazing. The free version of Master Slider comes with 7 free slider types.

However, if you want more slider types and features then you have to buy the pro version. You can buy 1 license for a pro version in just $17, so if you like the free version consider buying the pro version.

3. Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 WordPress plugin

Smart Slider 3 has tons of features like other WordPress slider plugins. It comes with more customization options than other Sliders.

You can use their live slide editor which is a drag and drop feature. Add layers to your slide and add text, button, or maybe a gradient. You can also divide the structure into different rows and columns without needing a single line of code.

There’s a template library which has 11 free templates to choose from. You can buy a pro version to get additional 100 templates.

Once you have selected a template, you can add images, video, text, blog posts, and gradient. It has tons of features even when you have a free version.

You can keep using Smart Slider 3 for free and if you want more features then the pro version costs $35 for 1 site.

4. Slider by 10Web – Responsive Image Slider

Slider by 10Web WordPress plugin

They have the same basic features as their competitors. They offer responsive and SEO-friendly sliders for WordPress sites.

You can add images, videos, and add transition effects. To use more features such as Filmstrip, carousel, and parallax effect, you need to buy the premium version.

Slider by 10web comes with a drag-drop interface which is easier to use for beginners. You can add video in your slides, and choose up to 700 free Google fonts to add a layer over text.

You can buy their premium version in just $20 (for 1 domain), which will give you access to 6 months plugin updates, 6 months of premium support.

5. Slide Anything – Responsive Content / HTML Slider and Carousel

Slide Anything WordPress plugin

This plugin might be a little difficult to use for some people. As it doesn’t offer an easy to use interface. However, it is still quite a useful plugin because it offers the same features as some of its competitors.

You can easily create responsive and SEO-friendly slides using the Slide Anything plugin.

To get started you just need to enter your slider title, configure slider settings such as set a duration for each slide and transition effect. After that, enter images to your slider one by one. Once you are finished creating a slideshow, simply copy the shortcode and paste it to the relevant page.

You can buy Slide Anything Pro for just $10 (1 domain). It is quite cheap compared to other slider plugins in this list. You will get the lifetime license and more future updates from the plugin developer.

6. Slider by Nivo

Slider by Nivo WordPress plugin

Themeisle offers a Nivo slider which is a popular jquery image slider plugin. You can create post slider, image carousel or image slideshows.

This plugin is simple to use but comes with limited features. I look up their paid version but it seems they no longer offer one.

However, the existing features it has, you can easily create beautiful sliders. You can select the slider theme from the 4 styles available. There are multiple other options to improve transition effects, animation, and speed of the slideshow.

Best Paid WordPress Slider Plugins in 2019

1. Slider by Soliloquy – Responsive Image Slider for WordPress

Soliloquy WordPress plugin

You can install Slider by Soliloquy from the WordPress plugins directory for free but most of the features are only available in their paid version.

Their paid plan starts from $19 (for 1 site) and it comes with 1 year of support and plugin updates.

With Soliloquy paid plan you can get features like:

  • pre-built templates for slider
  • product slider for WooCommerce store
  • featured content slider
  • lightbox slider
  • Responsive carousel
  • Pinterest pins slideshow
  • Import Instagram photos into your slider.
  • PDF slideshow
  • Customize further by CSS

2. Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

Slider Revolution WordPress plugin

With Slider Revolution 6 visual editor, you can design your sliders. It is a premium plugin so you won’t find them in the WordPress plugins directory.

They have a better user interface than most other plugins. Also, it costs only $26 and you will get future plugin updates and 6 months support from the plugin developer.

They offer 200+ beautiful slider templates which you can find in the Slider Revolution template library. Also, they offer 2000+ elements of royalty-free media assets such as videos, background images, and font icons.

It is a feature-rich plugin and you can definitely create beautifully designed sliders in no time.

3. LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

LayerSlider WordPress plugin

LayerSlider has a lot of stunning effects including 200 pre-defined slide transitions, parallax, hover, loop, and a lot of other features to animate your sliders in multiple ways.

One more amazing feature that I like is you can use a fancy modal window to show popups messages in a lot of different ways. You can use various triggers to define how and when to display popups.

LayerSlider WordPress slider plugin can be purchased in just $25 with future updates and 6 months support from the developer.

4. RoyalSlider – Touch Content Slider for WordPress

RoyalSlider WordPress plugin

The RoyalSlider is responsive and SEO optimized slider plugin which comes with touch swipe navigation. You can add video, images, or HTML code in your sliders. Also, you can upload images from Flickr, display featured content slider or WooCommerce product slideshow.

This plugin is not big in the game but still, they have a beautiful and easy to use interface. It comes with 11 pre-built slider templates. You can create beautifully designed slideshows and once you are done, simply copy and paste the shortcode to the relevant page where you want to display this slider.

Royal slider costs $24 which will give you regular future plugin updates and 6 months of support from the developer.

5. Slider Pro – Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

Slider Pro WordPress plugin

Slider pro also offers a free version with limited features, you can give it a try before buying the pro version.

It is a responsive and SEO-friendly WordPress slider plugin. You can preview slider in the admin area, and use their easy to use drag and drop slider sorting.

You can also add layers, which can help you add text and HTML over your slide image. And there are a lot of options to customize the design and functionality of your slider.

6. Elementor Slider Widget

Elementor Slider Widget

You must have heard about Elementor. It is a powerful page builder that can help you build stunning websites. The pro version of Elementor comes with a Slider widget which can be also useful for your needs.

You can add effects as well to your sliders such as Ken Burns Effect and content animations. Elementor pro costs more than all of the above slider plugins.

So, only consider buying Elementor pro if you are already using Elementor on your site. It costs $49 for 1/site and it comes with 1-year customer support. Here are some amazing WordPress themes for Elementor that you might like to install on your site.

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