Title & Meta Descriptions

How to Add Title and Meta Descriptions in WordPress

The Title & Meta description is the most important part for any website optimization. Google uses a number of different sources for this information. Google uses publicly available information or creates rich results based on markup on the page.

Why title & Meta Description is important for SEO?

The Google webmaster crawl and index page rank to analyze on site optimization.

On-page Optimization

  • Title Tags
  • Headings
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Images Optimization, Description & Alt tags
  • Internal links
  • Local SEO (for local business websites)

Technical SEO:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Blog Site SEO
  • XML Sitemap
  • Robotstxts
  • Canonical Tags
  • URL Resolve
  • Broken links
  • Index pages

Meta Descriptions and title tags are the basic part of On-page optimization. The Title and description are visible on search results. This the way to get a higher number of page impressions and visitors to click on your website. If your site title and description are relevant to your targeted business categories so your website gains the number of visitors click & search engine bots easily rank your website on the top 10 search results. The Search Result look like this

Title & Description

How to add Site title & Page title on WordPress:

The title is visible on search results. The title tag is the site and page topic keyword. Find out the best higher monthly search titles add to your web pages. This is the way you will achieve your targeted audience and get rank higher on search results.

How to find the title?

There are different website analysis tools & keywords suggestions tools that help you find out the best page titles or keywords. The title must be relevant to your website topic. There is no rule of title length. The perfect length is between 50 to 60 words.

The Site title must be relevant to the targeted niche. The length is 50 to 60 Words. The Site title is the main topic of the website. They must be a perfect match to the complete website content strategy.

Check it out the how-to add title on the WordPress website & Pages.

On Site Title

Site Title Tag


Click the “settings” on the WordPress Page side bar. Add site title on the top

To add Page title see image below

Page Title Tag

Click the “Post button”. Second step click “add new” post. The Above page is open. “Add Page title” on the above.

2- Meta text descriptions:

The Meta text description represents your website on search results. You can add Meta descriptions on the main pages and all other pages to your website. Meta text and the title are mandatory for on-page optimization. The descriptions are not showing on your publish page. We recommended WordPress Yoast SEO plugin. Add Meta descriptions like this

Add Meta Description


Go to below of the title and Post page. You can see yoast SEO and Meta Description section. Add meta Description.

How to add a perfect Meta descriptions?

There are five important things required to add a perfect Meta description to your WordPress website.

1- Topic Relevancy:

Text description relevancy is necessary. The page description must relevant to the title and website content strategy. 

2- Add niche relevant keywords between the description

Use more niche-targeted keywords between the texts. This is the perfect strategy to build up your website’s organic search engine relevancy.

3- Length:

Install Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin helps you major the perfect length of Meta descriptions.

Meta descriptions between 70 to 150 words are perfect.

4- Use different meta description:

Do not add the same Meta descriptions of your website. Write different and relevant to the topic description. This strategy helps Search Engine to find out relevant audience to your targeted pages.

5- Quality Check:

You will analyze the title & description of your pages. If the quality & Length of the text description is perfect so the Search engine shows the description on search results.




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