How to fix core web vital issues on a WordPress website

How to fix Google Core Web Vitals on a WordPress website

You must have heard of Google’s core web vitals by now. It is something developers and marketers often talk about on the web. In this tutorial, we are going to talk about how to fix core web vital issues on any WordPress website.

What is the Core Web Vitals?

Core Web Vitals are three of Google’s metrics to measure a site’s performance and overall user experience.

There are three different metrics Google considers when ranking sites these days: largest contentful paint, first input delay, and cumulative layout shift.

We will explain each one of them in this article and how you can fix core web vital issues on WordPress.

What is Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)?

What is LCP

LCP stands for Largest Contentful Paint. In short, how quickly the main content of any page loads on a user’s end.

If a page’s main content loads faster than less important elements then it will be useful for both users and Google.

You should keep it under 2.5 seconds to keep Google’s algorithm happier and of course your site’s users.

<=2.5S Good

<=4.0s Need Improvement

>4.5s Poor

What is the FID?

What is FID

FID stands for First Input Delay. The time when users first interact with your page. When they click a link, tap on a button, and so on. This measurement is taken from whatever interactive element that the user first clicks.

Metrics of FID to understand the impact?

<=100ms Good

<=300ms Need Improvement

>300ms Poor

What is the CLS?

What is CLS

CLS stands for Cumulative Layout Shift. CLS measures the total of all individual layout shift scores for every unexpected layout shift that occurs during the entire lifespan of the page.

Metrics of CLS to understand the impact

<=0.1 Good

<=0.25 Need Improvement

>0.25 Poor

How to analyze your WordPress Core Web Vital Score?

The best tool to analyze your WordPress website’s Core Web Vital Score is Google Search Console & PageSpeed Insight. Both tools will help you to analyze the Core Web Vitals.

Google Search Console helps you to measure your mobile site performance, desktop site performance, errors, Crawled pages, and Excluded pages. Check out how to add your WordPress website to Google Search Console.

Google Developers PageSpeed Insight analyses the content of a web page & generates suggestions to make that page faster.

This is the best tool to test your site Speed on both desktop and mobile. Just click on the mobile speed tab or Desktop Speed tab while you run this test. You can view your website Core Web Vitals score as well and helpful suggestions to fix those issues.

Go to your Search Console Account, You Can View the left sidebar of the “Core Web Vital” Button. Click The Button.

Core Web Vitals

Click the button, it will open up a new page.

You will be able to see the mobile pageSpeed insight and desktop pageSpeed insights clickable links.

Mobile PageSpeed Insight:

The first button is Mobile analysis. Click the button “try page speed insight”

Mobile PageSpeed Insights

Now Google Search console redirects you to the Google Developer Pagespeed insights page.

You can view mobile speed scores, response times, and other information.

You should always check your site speed and performance on the mobile because Google gives more importance how a site loads on a user’s end when they browse through their mobile phone.

The minimum speed score should be between 50 to 70, it will be count as an average score but you can further improve it.

Score between 80 to 100 counts as a good score in SEO, and your website will be safe. If the score is below 49, This means the mobile site requires further optimization.

Desktop PageSpeed Insight:

The Second button is Desktop Analysis. Click the button “try page speed insight”

Desktop PageSpeed Insights

now the Google search console redirects to your Google Developer Pagespeed insight, You can view the page speed score and other information. Desktop page speed score 80 to 90 consider good, 60 to 75 average & less than 49 score is poor.

The data of the Core Web Vital report:

The Core Web Vital shows you the Desktop & Mobile page speed insight data like this.

Developers PageSpeed Insights

Orange Square means it needs improvement.

The Green circle means a good score and you don’t need to worry about anything.

The Red triangle is the error that need to be fixed else your site might suffer in the search ranking.

You can see below every error,  how you can make further changes to optimize and fix the error.

PageSpeed Errors

How to Fix Core Web Vital errors on a WordPress website?


Core Web Vital is a new concept and it could be a little difficult to understand for beginners.

You can use Google Search Console and Page Speed Insights to measure your WordPress site’s performance. If they show errors then you should fix them ASAP.

Analyze developer PageSpeed Insight data of your website. You can also check out some other best SEO tools that could help you improve your site’s performance.

Here are some of the top core web vital errors and tips to fix them:

1- Updates:

Update your WordPress website Plugins and themes regularly. Also, keep your WordPress CMS updated to the latest version.

2- Eliminate render-blocking resources:

Install any of the top WordPress Cache Plugin from WordPress plugins directory. It will help you to resolve this error.

3- Properly Size Images:

This error is a little bit critical & complicated for new WordPress Users.

The size of images you upload to your website depends on the container size.

Resize the higher-resolution and bigger size images to load according to the site container.

If your images are slower to load on a user’s end or if they don’t show up properly for mobile users then Google Search Console will show it as an error.

For more details about image compression check out our article compress images without losing the quality.

4- Reduced Unused CSS:

Reduce the unused rules Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) files. Remove the unused CSS to reduce unnecessary bytes consumed by network activity.

You can do that manually of course, it will take time so we would suggest you to install any caching plugins to minimize CSS.

5- Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy:

Browser Caching can help to reduce the server load by reducing the number of requests per page.

We mentioned the top errors, If you can find out the other errors, scroll down the error and implement the suggestions of Google Developer PageSpeed Insight to your WordPress website

We hope you find this article useful in helping you fix core web vital issues on WordPress.

If you can’t fix the penalty of Google updates feel free to ask any questions. We can help you to recover from core web vital issues.

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