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How To Improve Domain Authority of Your WordPress Website

The Domain Authority is score of website performance. The high authority domains increase the search engine credibility. The major search engines give the rank or value to the higher domain authority websites. There are different things required to improve domain authority.

What is Domain authority?

The Domain Authority is the Search engine ranking score or website performance score. The Domain authority (DA) major the performance score your site on different ways. The DA analyze your linking root domains and the number of total links. You can check Domain Authority using Moz site checker tool.

Does Google use domain authority?

Google does not use domain authority in its algorithm.

The Domain Authority on core based on 100-points logorithmic scale. This (DA) algorithm rank your website lower to higher (0 is lower 100 is the highest score)

Check it out below the well researched tips of Domain Authority improvement

1- High Authority Backlinks:

Each and every category of website required the high authority links. The high authority links appear your site keywords rankings on Google top searches and also increase Domain Authority & Page authority score your website.

The linking website (DA) must be higher on 50. The links are dofollow and created with natural pattern. While your website backlinks approved & index so your site also gain Domain Authority

How to start high authority Backlinks campaign?

The quality off page optimization (White hat Link building) good for your website . You can use variety of websites to get high quality links. The relevancy to your website is more important. Do not create links from the low domain rank & already Google penalized websites.

Link your website on article submissions, niche or content relevant comments backlinks, Social bookmarking, profile links or forum Backlinks. You will join Google webmaster SEO forum. Continuously read latest Google algorithm guidelines. If you don’t violate the rules your website will save.

2- Decrease Spam Score:

The spam score is the killer of your website. If your site spam score increase so your site rankings & traffic will be decrease. Do not create backlinks from low reputation, low quality or already penalized websites.

Protect your website for keywords stuffing. Use different keywords variations to your site pages.

3- Content & Keywords:

Use to the best content strategy to your website. Quality content always wins. Publish the useful content to attract your targeted audience. The high quality content increases your site organic traffic and keywords rankings. Do not use the copy paste content or useless content to your website.

The keywords are the important part of SEO. Site topic relevant keywords increase organic site visitors. Choose the best, niche relevant keywords.

4- Internal Links:

The internal links are the best for internal site optimization. Add variety of internal links between the content of your WordPress website. The internal links increase page authority and user visiting time your website

5- Analyze Your Website Performance:

The are variety of site checker tools helping you to analyze your website. You can use it and analyze your website performance. Minimum per month analyze the current performance to your website. Completely monitor keyword ranking, site traffic and Audit the backlinks to your website.











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