WordPress Plugins Promotion

How to Promote New WordPress Plugins

The WordPress Plugins development is the most competitive marketing. If you want to starting your career as a plugin developers. You will required more effort, research and internet marketing skills.

There are 11 important steps to promote your awesome plugin step by step.

1- Submit your Plugin to WordPress & Other directories:

WordPress is the market place where people find plugins. This is one of the best place to marketing your products to your targeted audience. This is the highly recommended market to all developer. To create a WordPres Plugin Developer.

  • Create your developer ID.
  • Fill out your profile with your company or your own details.
  • Submit your plugin
  • Promote your WordPress directory plugin page.
  • Answers the relevant comments on WP Forum.
  • ¬†Manage reviews between 4 to 5

The other top directories to promote your plugins are:

  • Themeforest
  • Codester
  • WPplugindirectory

2- Paid Advertising:

This is most expensive internet marketing method. This is effective marketing strategy for new WordPress Plugins Developers. You will achieve more targeted audience to install your free & paid plugin.

There are lots of places where you should be promoting your new wonderful plugin. Some top brands for paid ads marketing are Google ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads and etc…

3- Competitors analysis & Price Comparison:

Compare your plugin price to the other niche relevant plugins. This is the best way to promote your new plugins. Do not offer high prices. Your price must similar to your competitors.

Analyze the competitors marketing & promotion strategy. Follow the competitors top marketing strategy that you think increase your plugin sales.

Analyze your competitors plugins. Install plugin and make your plugin much better to your competitors.

4- Affilliate Program:

The Affilliate program is the best way to boost plugins sales. The Affilliate marketers will be automatically join your program through your website.

Affilliate marketers promoting your website using different methods are:

  • Text Link
  • Banner
  • Rich Media
  • Video
  • Email
  • Sponsored Listing
  • Content
  • Social Media Marketing

You will give a small amount of commission to your affilliate partner if they will generate sales. Not a bad deal for product promotion.

5- Email promotion:

The email marketing not effective those days. The process is difficult and the targeted conversion rate is 100 out of 3. We highly recommended the email marketing, Reason is you will direct interact or connect with your lead audience.

You will create an email list and send emails to your subscribers. Write different type of promotional content, use different emails templates and send quality emails to your subscribers.

6- Join WordPress Forum and Communities:

Join niche relevant forums & communities. You will communicate with the right audience. You will promote your products and services. This relationship method boosts your brand online representation.

7- User Support:

This is the most valuable thing to do. Your Plugin user required support to use your plugin. You can give your support 24/7. This strategy builds strong relation between you and your user and they will recommend your products to other peoples.

8- Video Marketing:

The video marketing method gain the trust of visitor and he/she must buy your Plugin. Create a short effective video to promote your product. Submit your video on your website and YouTube.

9- Search engine optimization:

The search engine optimization improves your website traffic and organic keywords rankings. This is the fastest way to get organic audience and convert your targeted audience into sales.

You will improve on site optimization your website, keyword research, Optimize content your website, Images optimization, Use internal links and off page SEO high Domain Authority link building campaign.

10- Social Media Marketing:

The Social Media Marketing is the fastest method to achieve traffic. The social media is the best way to generate leads. Your social media presence more increase the credibility your products & brand name. Use the Social media networks, share your site content, promote your plugin and generate leads.

11- Reviews Websites:

The reviews websites give the authentic and reliable audience to buy your new plugins. They will write a review your product and promote this product page to multiple social networking platform. This is the most useful method of Plugins & Themes promotions.

Or you should be Promote your WordPress plugin & Themes with WPOrion. The WordPress products reviews website and reliable source of targeted WordPress audience.

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