Slider Revolution Plugin Review

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin – Review

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin – Review

What is Slider?

Slider is used for web designing, which are added to WordPress pages to display visual content. You can edit the slider to make your website performance to the next level.

Slider Revolution:

The Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin releasing year 2012. This is the most powerful & responsive Slider WordPress Plugin. Theme developed by ThemePunch, the team of the most talented people.

Why Slider Revolution Plugin?

This is one of the best-selling Slider WordPress plugins on the Codecanyon marketplace.

  • The Rating of this plugin is 10,200 plus
  • Plugin sales over 416,884 plus
  • Reviews 4.75 out of 5
  • The current installation score is over 7 million websites using this plugin.

The latest Version 6 is more powerful & responsive. The best features are:


1- The Ultimate WordPress Visual Editor:

Slider Visual Editor

The plugins come with the ultimate user-friendly WordPress Visual Editor. This advanced editor helping beginners Edit the website. No coding knowledge is required.

  • A Clean Content building Experience
  • All the tools you need are available in this plugin
  • More Faster
  • Find every option using editor live help.

2- Professional Template:

Slider 200 Templates

This is one of the best features of this plugin. You will get the list of 200 Plus awesome templates for any niche category.

  • Gaming
  • Forest
  • Food delivery
  • Fashion
  • Boutique
  • Car Wash
  • Travel
  • And many more.

3- Pro-Level Design:

Pro Level Design

You will experience a multitude of useful design features for Premium Slider Revolution 6.

* One-Click Template Installation:

These are fast, reliable and best WordPress plugins. Comes with over 200+ multiple niche templates. You can choose any template for just a one-click installation. Download sliders, carousels, hero blocks, or full websites.

* Edit Content & Styles Lightning Fast:

The visual editor of this plugin is smooth and fast. If you are a beginner website designer, The plugin editor helps you to make your content & styles improvement. No Coding knowledge required.

* Color bulk editing:

Choose the color skin for template customization. List of bulk editing options. You will create convenient and flexible templates for your projects.

* Stock Images & Videos:

You will found Free stock images & Videos in the library. You will edit or change any image you want.

* Layer style & Icon Library:

Go to the quick style feature allow you to select text and button styles.

The Icon library is available. You can choose any icon.

* Animated layers:

The animated layers have already added to this plugin you can choose the animated layers and edit the layer with your content.

4- Addons:

20 Plus Addons

The 20+ Addons included with special effects.

  • Paintbrush
  • Bubble Morph
  • Typewriter
  • Reveal
  • Distortion

There are lots of other Addons special effects like Scroll Videos, Lottie Animation, Charts, Practical, Slicey and more. All unlimited Features are included in this individual Plugin


The rating & sales of this plugin are very high. The cons of the plugin are limited. We find out three things.

1- Free Version:

This plugin does not offer any free version.

2- Speed:

Website speed a little bit slow down.

3- Price Comparison:

Check it out the other’s slider plugin price comparison to the Slider Revolution plugin. This plugin’s Regular License Price is $85 and the Extended License Price is $175.


The performance and the rating of this plugin are very high. This is the most powerful plugin and comes with incredible features. The best option to make your WordPress website more professional. This plugin is the first choice for WordPress website designers. Do you want more information about this plugin Click Here.

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